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International Arabian Horse Association IAHA NSAIDS Drug Report
Our Charge: "Conduct an impartial study to determine which AHSA category best serves the Arabian Horse Breed -- No Foreign Substance or Therapeutic Substance Group"

Table of Contents IAHA Drug/Medication ad hoc
Committee Members

Lorry Wagner, Chair   
Lorry has been an IAHA member since 1960, Region 2 Director for 4 years, and served on the IAHA’s Judges & Stewards Education/Evaluation Committee for 6 years, Equines Stress Committee--subcommittee chair on hoof studies and drugs/medication--, Professional Horseman, and Working Western Committees since 1985.  Lorry has been an Arabian breeder since 1960, an Arabian horse exhibitor since 1962, and a professional trainer since 1964.

Dr. William “Bill” Little, Vice Chair
Bill has been an IAHA member since 1970,  an IAHA Director for 10 years, and has served on IAHA’s Membership, Agenda and Resolutions, Ways & Means, Equine Stress, and other committees.  Bill has been an Arabian breeder since 1966 and an exhibitor since 1970.

Gary Dearth                  
Gary has been an IAHA member since 1960, current Region 8 Director, and served on the IAHA’s Professional Horseman committee.  Gary has been a professional trainer for 23 years and his family has bred and shown Arabians for 30 years. 

Crete Harvey
Crete has been an IAHA member since 1960.  She is a trustee emeritus for the Arabian Horse Trust,  a past director of the Arabian Horse Registry of America, and has served on various IAHA Committees for many years.    Crete has been breeding and exhibiting Arabians since 1960.

Dr. Cory Soltau (DVM)
Cory has been an IAHA member for many years, is the current Region 3 Director, and has served on IAHA’s committees.  Cory has bred and exhibited Arabians in shows,  and not only shows successfully up to the National level but also competes with these same horses in the Endurance arena.

Bazy Tankersley
Bazy is an IAHA member and has continually contributed to solving IAHA problems for many, many years.    She has served on IAHA’s Judges and Stewards Commission and other committees.  Bazy’s Al Marah Arabians has bred, exhibited, and entered competitions shows, endurance, competitive trail, and other disciplines very successfully for over 50 years.  Bazy was instrumental in purchasing and importing many of the Crabbett breeding stock when this famous breeding herd was disbursed, thus preserving a very old and important breeding program that has had tremendous influence in this country. 

Mary Trowbridge
Mary is an IAHA member and has served on IAHA committees. Mary is a professional trainer.

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