Meet Minor Horse Ranch's Foundation Paint Stallion

Dipped In Gold, APHA foundation stallion for Minor Horse RanchDipped in Gold's Legacy of Success

APHA Stallion Dipped in Gold
 was our faithful friend and foundation sire for over twenty years. He always impressed his visitors with his kind temperament and sense of humor. My husband and I selected the best Paint mares from cutting horse and performance bloodlines for breeding to him, and he sired some wonderful foals. 

Today, "Trigger" is available via frozen service
, and he's remembered as the king of the ranch where his palomino coat glistened in the sun. He was always easy to show and bring home the ribbons. It's wonderful to see his look reflected in his foals. He always gave us his very best!

A Legacy of Success 

Trigger's success in the show ring was a testament to his exceptional bloodlines and impressive presence. His achievements are still a source of pride for us and an inspiration for his offspring. As they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! 

Offspring That Shine 

Dipped in Fold ApHA Stallion at StudWith his strong genetic traits, Dipped in Gold blessed us with numerous foals that have inherited his stunning looks, talent, and charisma. They are making their mark in the world of performance horses, carrying on the legacy that Trigger built over the years. 

A True Gentleman 

Aside from his accomplishments in the show ring and as a sire, Dipped in Gold played a significant role in our lives as our gentle and affectionate companion. His genuine love for people and ability to make everyone feel welcome at the ranch touched the hearts of many who crossed paths with him. He is dearly missed.

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