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Montana Rodeo - 1930s
Montana Rodeo - 1930s

A Montana Rodeo Rider; Remembering Grandpa Johnny

The Enduring Legacy of a Rodeo Rider

Grandpa John C. RebarMy grandfather, Johnny Rebar (1906-1971), was a rodeo rider during the Depression. He hailed from Montana and had several brothers who likely also participated in rodeos.

My childhood was filled with his captivating rodeo stories of the broncs he rode, how he jumped on railroad trains to get to the next rodeo, and the characters he met.

A Memorable Encounter at the Puyallup Fair Rodeo

One memorable event was when he took me to meet the announcer at the Puyallup Fair Rodeo, in Washington State. We climbed the long stairway to the rodeo announcer's booth, and as "Cy" saw my Grandpa's face, he recognized him instantly! Hugs and handshakes followed.

Their reunion was heartwarming, as they hadn't seen each other in many decades. As a 14-year-old, I listened intently to their stories shared with warmth and laughter.

A Lasting Connection: Cy Taillon and the Rodeo Hall of Fame

His old friend from his rodeo days, James C. "Cy" Taillon, (1907-1980) was later inducted into the Rodeo Hall of Fame, (1986).

Somehow, I remembered the name of the man Grandpa introduced me to that day and found Cy's story, more than fifty years later.

I wasn't able to revisit my Grandpa's past when I became a young adult, as he passed away only a brief time later.

Painting the Future: Horses and Family Ties

 Benjamin RockafellowGrandpa Johnny's memory lingers in my heart as I paint, his influence as present as the brush in my hand. Now, with our grandson Benjamin by my side, a new chapter unfolds in our family's love for horses.

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