From Ranch Hand to Renowned Western Artist: Cheryl Harley-Volz

A true cowgirl at heart, Cheryl pours her passion for the Western way of life into her art, capturing the essence of the cowboys she admires and the world she so deeply understands.

 C. Harley Volz ranch dog portraitTalent Ignited by Colorado

Born with a spirit as wild as the West, Cheryl's passion for cowboy life blossomed during childhood summers spent on her mother's Colorado ranches. Cantering across Cripple Creek and Victor on horseback, she learned cattle work, brook trout fishing, and explored historic gold mines - experiences that continue to inspire her art today.

Drawing the Details of the Great Outdoors5cheryl harley volz

Inheriting her love for the outdoors and a meticulous eye from her architect engineer father, Cheryl honed her artistic talents with pencils and drafting tools. These early skills remain the foundation of her detailed Western artwork.

5art contest winner sheep shep by cheryl harley volzA true cowgirl at heart, Cheryl excelled in goat tying and barrel racing throughout college, competing in amateur and professional circuits. Despite a city upbringing, the vast landscapes of the American West captured her soul.

Cheryl's artistic journey began early with drawing courses at the Kansas City Art Institute. She earned a BFA in drawing and painting from Colorado State University, where her father playfully noted she "majored in art and minored in horses." Her artistic thirst led her to Western States College in Gunnison for further studies, ultimately culminating in an art teaching license from CSU.

Painting Her Western Heritage

Today, Cheryl's paintings capture the rugged beauty and spirit of the Western way of life. Her deep connection to this world shines through every brushstroke. Instilled with the values of hard work and competition, both from her upbringing and personal artistic pursuits, Cheryl remains dedicated to her craft, forever a cowgirl at heart with a paintbrush in hand.
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