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BJ and Ben gathering her Paint horses
Woody Be Blessed on the left, coming in from the pasture with BJ, her mare Rocky Road, and Benjamin 

Get Ahead of the Competition with Our Home Bred Paint Horses Optimized for Cutting

Top-quality cutting horses possess a natural ability to read cattle and anticipate their movements. This is known as cow sense, and it is a crucial trait for a cutting horse to have. A horse with cow sense can quickly and accurately predict the movements of a cow, allowing the rider to make precise cuts and maneuvers.

Another important characteristic of a top-quality cutting horse is athleticism. Cutting horses need to be quick, agile, and able to make sudden stops and turns. They must also be able to accelerate quickly when needed. A horse with good conformation, sound feet, and a strong, muscular build is typically more athletic and better suited for a rewarding cutting career.

Woody Be Tuff FillyTrainability is also a key characteristic of a top-quality cutting horse. Cutting horses must be willing to learn and able to take direction from their rider. They need to be able to handle the pressure of competition and perform consistently under a variety of conditions. A horse that is difficult to train or easily distracted may struggle in the cutting arena.

Today's top-quality cutting horses must have a good temperament. They need to be calm and focused in the arena, and able to handle the stress of competition without becoming overly anxious or agitated. A horse that is easily spooked or prone to nervousness may not be well-suited for cutting.

Our Texas-bred top-quality cutting horses possess cow sense, athleticism, trainability, and a good temperament. These characteristics are essential for success in the cutting arena and should be carefully considered when selecting a cutting horse.

As you can see, evaluating your cutting horse prospect actually starts on the ground, long before they're under saddle. Your future champion cutter will display alertness, and intelligence, along with a steady temperament. If you've found a well-bred young horse with correct, balanced conformation, good feet, and solid character, chances are you've picked a future winner. 

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1.The National Cutting Horse Association is the governing body for cutting competitions in the United States.
2.Paint horses are known for their intelligence and trainability.
3.The American Paint Horse is a popular breed for cutting competitions.
4.Cutting is a popular sport in the western United States and has a rich history in cowboy culture.
5.Paint horses have a natural cow sense that makes them well-suited for cutting competitions.

  • About the Author: Stacey's passion for horses began with a high school 4H Club in Seattle and grew into an equine speaker's group at WSU. Her studies explore the history and art of American horses, which led to the creation of AWesternHorse.com™.

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